Songzhuang International Photo Biennale (Songzhuang Photo) is a legally registered art organization sponsored by both domestic and international curators/directors, critics, artists, writers, and poets in Songzhuang, Beijing. The Songzhuang Photo is based on the idea of a permanent exhibition with changing themes; through peer support and mutual encouragement our aim is to promote the artistic development and professional advancement of domestic and international artists/photographers.

Czech China Contemporary Museum was founded in 2011 by Chinese artist Qin Kunying with Czech Czech artist Jiri Straka in Songzhuang, Beijing. The Museum’s primary mission is to support and promote Arts and Cultural exchange between China and Czech Republic. 

The first international of Songzhuang Art Festival in 2005 was a success, gathering both national and international praise and speculation. Subsequent years’ festivals are held annually and have strengthened the already famous reputation of Songzhuang as being a unique phenomenon of artists and art lovers at home and abroad. The first annual Songzhuang Art Festival was held in October of 2005 with over 600 works of art displayed on the main road. Subsequently, the East District Artistic Centre and Songzhuang Art Museum were constructed and have both been utilized during the annual Songzhuang Art Festival.  For more information >>

Songzhuang was originally a small farmers village outside of Beijing. In the 1980s the first artists began to settle in the village and rented old farmhouses and establish studios. Later more artists flocked in. Developers or artists who had become rich bought land from the farmers to build studios. Today Songzhuang has become the largest artist community in the world, more than 8,000 artists live in this biggest art community and also including curators/directors, critics, artists, writers and poets. It may also be the most dynamic and vibrant one with some of the best artists worldwide, famous and unknown. Chinese and foreigners working and living side by side. This famous community of artists is situated in the eastern suburbs of Beijing. Art museums, galleries, exhibitions, and art activities will be a feast for your eyes. For more info about Songzhuang Artist Village.  For more info about Songzhuang Artist Village



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