Daphna Laszlo-Katzor

My works depict a world taken over by technological development, which threatens to destroy the primordiality and beauty of nature, and in this process, people lose touch with nature and are rendered disconnected and distant. Technology takes over the human spirit. Children, mostly, who have not experienced and have not been exposed to the old world, without technology, are essentially born into this cold, estranged world and lack the happiness which nature bestows upon humanity.

This reality creates distance and coldness between human beings. Nature promotes closeness, and technology creates a virtual closeness which is not actual.

Daphna Laszlo Katzor _011.jpg

Title: Childhood Frost
Medium: Digital art
Size: 25.4×18.45cm
Date: 2015


Daphna Laszlo Katzor _021

Title: Young Girl and the Sea
Medium: Digital art
Size: 25.4×17.53cm
Date: 2003


Daphna Laszlo Katzor _031.jpg

Title: Children with Moonflowers
Medium: Digital art
Size: 25.4×16.3cm
Date: 2017


Daphna Laszlo Katzor _041.jpg

Title: Childhood Eruption
Medium: Digital art
Size: 25.4×16.44cm
Date: 2015


Daphna Laszlo Katzor _061.jpg

Title: The Escape
Medium: Digital art
Size: 25.4×15.8cm
Date: 2015


Daphna Laszlo Katzor _101.jpg

Title: Transformation 2
Medium: Digital art
Size: 25.4×18.98cm
Date: 2015




Interior view of Museum of Czech China Contemporary Museum, 2017