Lilly Lulay

I see photography not only as medium of artistic expression but first and foremost understand and question it as a technique integrated in our everyday life. Therefore, in many of my projects I use private photographs taken by unknown people or friends. In a time where taking pictures oneself has become a banal, daily thing to do I ask how this media structures perception, behaviour and memory on collective and individual levels.

The collages and the video in this exhibition were realised last summer during a residency in Istanbul. I already visited the city once before and its variety of architectures, the mix of old and new, it’s vibrating thus calm atmosphere were things that impressed and attracted me a lot. For the residency project I decided to further develop my ongoing series of photo-collages, entitled Mindscapes ( see catalogue) and my technic of collage itself. Whereas in the Mindscapes I create imaginary landscapes out of photo-fragments that can origin from any time and place, for the residency project I decided to work only with images shot in the City itself. I thus collected photographs from several friends and family members who had already travelled to Istanbul and selected some of the 500 pictures I had taken during my visit in 2013.

The gathered digital images, IPhone Snapshots, analogue prints and diapositives, all had their particular colour palette linked to a certain time and photo technical era. On the one hand each photographic viewpoint was unique, on the other hand some common touristic highlights and stereotype motives reappeared in all archives. I reproduced all images as postcard sized prints and reframed their content by the means of cutting out. Loosely stapled on top of each other and fixed with magnets instead of glue, the fragile photo cut-outs refer to the unstable status of the documented place themselves. In the collages and in the videowork several peoples viewpoints on different parts of the city as well as several temporalities and phototechniques merge into one. Setting the cut outs in motion was a means to reflect this constant processes of deconstruction and new construction to which Istanbul- just as any other Metropol- is submitted.

Lilly Lulay-----1.jpg

Title: recomposing the city
Medium: Video
Date: 2013