Linda Adele Goodine

Goodine has found literary correspondences and inspiration throughout her career, where the lush imagistic languages of the Magic Realists informed her Eden-like Southern tableaux. She is an artist trained in photography, modern dance, and installation art.

Goodine’s works speak to her own experiences and extends resonance with the larger stage that we all find ourselves upon, struggling to find meaning in the seasons of our lives. Goodine sought to revitalize and contemporize mythology through the photographic medium. Leaving New York, where Goodine felt suffocated by an overarching sense of meaninglessness, she traveled to the Gulf of Mexico and, impressed by the mysterious and raw landscapes of Louisiana and Florida, began a series of ambiguous and haunting images that stretched the viewer’s imagination.

With a primary focus to the female body as the carrier of messages inspired by Goodine’s interest in dance and literature, the scale of these works monumentalize a poetic presence intended to transcend the banal and materialistic world of the everyday. The images begin from Goodine’s personal perspective, but elicit a sense of allegory that is far reaching.


Linda Adele Goodine_02----1.jpg

Title: Echoing Green
Medium: Monochromatic Cibachrome
Size: 48x59inch
Date: 1988


Linda Adele Goodine_05---2.jpg

Title: The Golden Boy
Medium: Monochromatic Cibachrome
Size: 48x60inch
Date: 1988


Linda Adele Goodine_03---3.jpg

Title: Infant Joy
Medium: Monochromatic Cibachrome
Size: 48x57inch
Date: 1987


Linda Adele Goodine_01---4.jpg

Title: Je T’Embrasse Tendrement
Medium: Monochromatic Cibachrome
Size: 46x57inch
Date: 1992




Interior view of Museum of Czech China Contemporary Museum, 2017