Songzhuang Artist Village, located in Tong Zhou District (eastern suburbs of Beijing). It is the most famous and biggest artist community in the world. Now nearly 7000 – 8000 artists live in Songzhuang, which is seen as synonymous with the Chinese avant-garde not only in China but also in other countries. Most of the residents are painters, sculptors, calligraphers and photographers of varying styles, ranging from avant-garde to academic. There are lots of art institutions, museums, galleries and exhibitions. There is also an open air art market where you might have some interesting findings. A visit to Songzhuang Artist Village is convenient from Beijing, less than one hour ride by car.

Songzhuang Art Museum
The Songzhuang Art Museum was founded in 2005 by the Songzhuang local government and is the first public art facility built in this well-recognized contemporary Chinese art village which is just a 45-minute drive from Beijing. The Songzhuang Art Museum provided a platform for the local community, which had around 4000 artists living in the Songzhuang area in 2008. This exhibition space is lifted up to create a welcoming horizontal flow with multi-purpose spaces on ground level, for hosting exhibitions and events, and also includes a casual common area. The second level is an introversive art space with only skylight or courtyard light.


Sunshine International Art Museum
Sunshine International Art Museum (abbreviated as SIAM) is a private non-profit art museum. It was opened in September 2006 with the original name of Beijing Sunshine Art Museum. Located at the world’s largest art village of Songzhuang in Beijing, SIAM covers an area of more than 9.86 acres, with an exhibition space of over 20,000 square meters. SIAM is the largest art museum in China. The SIAM has been actively promoting Chinese contemporary art with its global perspective, international platform and standardized operations. It aims to become a world-class contemporary art museum, with emphasis on the overall development of Chinese contemporary art in both the development of the museum and academic practices. It endeavors to occupy a corresponding position in the history of Chinese fine arts.


Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing
The Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (BJMOCA) is located at the Art Center Park, Da Xing Zhuang No. 500, Songzhuang, Beijing. The Art Center Park encompasses nearly fifty acres of creativity and activity space bringing forth a natural, quiet, and peaceful environment. BJMOCA is committed to the exchange and promotion of contemporary art. It was formed so as to develop the state of contemporary art in a systematic and extensive way focusing on academia, literature, and exhibitions to foster interaction and integration from multiple perspectives and levels to cooperate with one another. Every year, BJMOCA collaborates with other international museums and holds three to five exhibitions and a nomination show by independent curators. BJMOCA also organizes the collaboration of international artists and a platform for academic and information exchange.


LDX Contemporary Art Center 
LDX Contemporary Art Center, which holds a diverse range of contemporary Chinese art, was founded in 2007 in Songzhuang, Beijing. Along with offering arrays of exhibitions that showcase a variety of work by established artists, the Art Center is also dedicated to promoting promising talents. Holding art spaces in Beijing and Hong Kong, LDX aims to propel contemporary Chinese art onto the global stage.


Beijing Eastern Art Center 
Beijing Eastern Art Center was founded in 2007 and is located in Songzhuang, covering more than 20 acres with a building area of 15,000 square meters. An ideal creative space with a high standard display environment, Beijing Eastern Art Center became a unique point of interest in Songzhuang.


Xiaopu Culture Center 
Xiaopu Cultural Center was founded in 2007 by Xiaopu artist village government, located on an irregular former industrial lot in the well known art village Songzhuang. Xiaopu Cultural Center is a multi-functional complex including exhibition galleries, five residency artist studios, exhibition workshop, and art shop.


Czech China Contemporary Museum 
The CCC Museum was founded in 2011 by Chinese artist Qin Kunying with Czech artist Jiri Straka in Songzhuang of Beijing, the museum’s mission is to support and promote Arts and Cultural exchange between China and Czech Republic.


Tree Art Museum
Tree Art Museum is located in the eastern region of Songzhuang. Founded in 2012, it covers an area of 4.5 acres, with a total construction area of 3500 square meters. It contains a professional art exhibition space as well as a supporting VIP hall, lecture hall, bookstore, cafe, restaurants, art shops and other facilities. The Tree Art Museum is also dedicated to supporting the development of both female artists and young emerging artists.


Jiu Zhi Art Museum 
Jiu Zhi Art Museum is located on the South Street of Daxing Village, and covers an area of over 3000 square meters with an exhibition area of over 2000 square meters, divided into 10 exhibition halls. It is a facility for research and development, innovation, and sales venues.


Guozhong Art Museum 
Guozhong Art Museum is located in Songzhuang’s Center District. It is built on a hillside with a beautiful environment and  is the first domestic folk art museum to combine wine culture, painting and calligraphy. Occupying a total area of 3500 square meters, its spatial structure and high-end Choulan design style provides a spatial plasticity that allows for the installation of art forms of endless possibilities.


H.J.Y. Contemporary Art Center
Located in the Center District of Songzhuang’s Art and Culture Center, H.J.Y. Contemporary Art Center was founded in 2006. Its architectural style of concrete construction covers a total area of 3180 square meters, with an exhibition area of 2000 square meters. Its upper and lower levels can hold large solo and group shows, and the design its exhibition hall can be modified to suit different purposes. H.J.Y. also has a large collection of contemporary Chinese artwork that is available for schools, institutions, and collectors to visit.


Songzhuang Guohua Academy 
Songzhuang Guohua Academy is an integrated school/center for the creation, research, communication, collections, exhibitions, and teaching of traditional Chinese painting (Guohua). Its predecessor, The Shangshang Art Museum, on which the academy was founded, had planned a series of major exhibitions (“Face to Face With Tradition”, “Ink Society”, “Ink On Top”) in order to promote and develop Guohua.


G-Dot Art Space 
G-Dot Art Space was founded in 2010, and is located within the eastern area of Songzhuang, opposite LDX Contemporary Art Center. It has an exhibition area of 1700 square meters, which has hosted many influential exhibitions including “Through History”, “Through History 2″, and ” Hope and Glory”.


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