Salamat Husain

Digital camera is what I use to express my medium, medium of solitude and medium of decontextualizing my mind to a reconstructed photograph. I often spend time visualizing my surroundings, whether while walking, driving or even those few minutes before taking off in a flight. I would also like to add that being self-taught and then progressing towards learning from the professionals at an institute has brought a huge change in the fundamentals of my profession.

Before taking any photographs, majority of my time I scout for something unusual or something that can give the image a boost via color, edgy architecture, lines or rawness. It is through this process of intimate discovery that I identify the subject matter and the abstract qualities I wish to emphasize.

My goal is to inspire or rather bring in awareness for those who see my work, to look more closely at the world around them, to discover beauty in the most unexpected place or time.






Title: The Boomerage Series
Medium: Digital On Archival Paper
Size: 90x59cm
Date: 2006




Interior view of Museum of Czech China Contemporary Museum, 2017