Songzhuang Art Festival

The first inauguration of Songzhuang Art Festival in 2005 was a success, gathering both domestic and international praise and speculation. Subsequent years’ festivals are held annually and have strengthened the already famous reputation of Songzhuang as being a unique phenomenon of artists and art lovers at home and abroad.

The first annual Songzhuang Art Festival was held in October of 2005 with over 600 works of art displayed on the main road. The East District Artistic Centre and Songzhuang Art Museum were constructed and have both been utilized during the annual Songzhuang Art Festival.

In 2009, there was a total 2000 pieces of art and over 1000 Chinese and international artists were on exhibition at the festival. The ninth annual Songzhuang Culture and Art Festival kicked off on Sep 26, 2015. This festival lasted 13 days.

Join us on September 29 to October 15 to celebrate 2017 Songzhuang Art Festival. The Songzhuang Art Promotion Association will be holding our 10th Annual Songzhuang Art Festival (2017) in Songzhuang, Beijing. The Songzhuang International Photo Biennale is a major part of the 10th Annual Songzhuang Art Festival will be held in the Czech China Contemporary Museum (CCCM) on September 29 to October 13, 2017. More than sixty domestic and international artists/photographers will be selected to exhibit their work.  

Songzhuang Art Festival Posters (2005 to 2015)










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