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Getting There
Location: Tongzhou District (about 30 km / 19 miles east of downtown)
A visit to Songzhuang is convenient from Beijing, less than one hour ride by car. You may either take a taxi or bus No. 938 from Guo Mao station directly to Songzhuang or, after taking a metro to Beijing Station, you may take bus No. 938 to Songzhuang.

Once in the village of Songzhuang, you should expect a peaceful atmosphere. A popular place with tourists is the Songzhuang Art Museum. Just down the street from the museum, you will find the Roundabout Muslim Tea House as well a few local restaurants such as Shanxi Pasta Home Cooking and Jinxiangyuan Noodle.

Things to Bear in Mind
It is important for you to be wary when purchasing artwork. Many galleries and art dealers will sell imitations of famous Songzhuang artwork. This is another reason to travel to Songzhuang with a local who you trust.

One thing for visitors to keep in mind before a trip to Songzhuang is the relaxed environment that is upheld in the area. Artists and dealers alike are happy to play cards and have a chat and cup of tea with you. It is a slow paced community where enjoying life is valued.

Take a walk down the streets, see what museums and galleries might be open and maybe get a peek at an artist creating a new piece or speak to a dealer about what to expect from the Songzhuang Artist Village in the coming years. Take in all of what modern Chinese art has to give and see a unique niche in China’s culture. Read More… >>

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