2017 · Songzhuang International Photo Biennale (Songzhuang Photo) is a major part of the 10th Annual Songzhuang Art Festival. It will be held in the Czech China Contemporary Museum (CCCM) on September 29 to October 13, 2017. More than sixty domestic and international artists/photographers will be selected to exhibit their work.

There is two main categories of the photo biennale: ①International Contemporary Photography. ② Early Chinese Photography Review and Collection.

① International Contemporary Photography; This category provides a unique opportunity for artists/photographers to express their opinion on the decision:

Theme of International Contemporary Photography: “Live in This Moment, Return to the Origin”

Theme Idea:
The Origin refers to the beginning of everything. Human beings have gone through wars and peace, experienced turmoil and tranquility, tasted sorrow and joy… Nowadays, mankind’s exploitation of Mother Earth, and the reliance on the fast-paced economy have long ago exceed the needs. To satisfy the bottomless lust and aggressive development of the human race, we become mindless and have forgotten the Origin.

Make a life, not a living. We should not be the mindless parts of a machine, nor materialism worshipers who live by instincts; instead, humans should regulate their behaviour in terms of divinity, with limited pursuit of material pleasure and unlimited pursuit of spiritual values. Only by doing so, the lives of species on Earth can prosper in harmony. Hence, we here by advocate: Live at this moment, back to the Origin!

② Early Chinese Photography Review and Collection; There are a series of antique Chinese photographs form 1860 to 1920. These photographs all tell stories about the historical figures or events that they represent. Once taken simply to document their present, they now help us witness the past. 

2017 · Songzhuang International Photo Biennale is now accepting submissions for the international call for photo artists/photographers themed “Live in This Moment, Return to the Origin” 

General Information:
Call for submissions from international individual photo artists/photographers that are working within the spectrum of photo-based work. This call is open to works on above subject. If you are an art organization interested in participate in our Songzhuang photo biennale please feel free to contact us at e-mail <<>>.

Final Deadline (postmarked): Tuesday August 10, 2017 at midnight.

There is no fee to enter/no submission fee.

Submission materials will not be returned.

We only accept e-mail submissions (We do not accept CD-ROM submissions, or postal mail).

Each entry must be clearly labeled with: artist/photographer’s name, numbers and contact information.

All applicants will be notified by e-mail before August 25, 2017.

Do not submit compilations and /or other project not intended for this Call.

You must contact us immediately if you desire to remove your work from our consideration.

You will be notified by e-mail between July 15 to August 25, 2017, if your work has been selected.

If selected, your original works must be sent to our office prepaid to arrive before September 10, 2017.

The return of these works within 60 days after the exhibition. Artists are responsible for paying all costs (shipping and customs) required to deliver the artwork back to the artists.

The final exhibition will consist of work from sixty photo artists/photographers within 200 works.

Exhibition Catalogue: 
This exhibition catalogue is exclusive to the 2017 Songzhuang International Photo Biennale. The catalogue will feature a luxurious fabric (linen cloth) hardcover, high quality paper and full colour prints, approximate dimensions: 25cm x 24cm. This catalogue will contain 350 pages, and each artist will have 4 pages. One of the 4 pages will introduce the artist, and other three pages will display your art. The total cost of the two books will be $300 US dollars. (Shipping not included). Plese see the picture  >>

Open to domestic and international photo artists/photographers that are working within the spectrum of photo-based work, 21 years and older.

We are looking for works that are primarily photograph such as traditional or digital photography. It also include mobile photography. Mixed media works will be accepted only when photo-or video-related materials are the dominant aspect. Traditional drawing, painting and sculpture will not be accepted. If there is any confusion over the media, final decisions will be made by the jurors.

Our Submission Process Has Two Stages -
First Stage: We ask for a submission package that includes specific information and documents such as; ①Digital Still Images, ②Image List, ③Cover Letter, ④Artist Statement, ⑤Short Biography (within 200 words). Application Form by e-mail. We do not accept CD-ROM submissions, or postal mail. We will notify you by e-mail within two weeks if we have received your electronic files.

Second Stage: When you have received one Selection Notice by our selection committee, please send your original works or electronic/digital images (print size, best to produce high quality digital photos).

Submission List (a list of the submission for photo artist/photographer)

Your submission package must be e-mailed to <<>>. This e-mail address should be used for no other purpose. It should include the following elements:

(1) Each entry must include a filled out Application Form and your signature.
(2) Cover Letter (Word document, maximum 200 words)
(3) Short Biography (Word document, maximum 200 words)
(4) Artist Statement (Word document, maximum of one pages)
(5) The Image, eight to ten digital images (pictures in JPG format). Images must be clearly     titled with the applicant’s name, and the numbers. For example: Artist Name> “Bruce David”, the image should be “Bruce David _01.jpg”, Bruce David _02.jpg, Bruce David _03.jpg, etc. Image resolution must be 72 dpi, maximum size 600 x 720 pixels (longest side of picture can not exceed 720), Maximum file size can not exceed 450KB.
(6) Image List (Word document, maximum one page). Image List must be clearly titled title, date, medium and size of each work must also be listed separately on an image list and included with the application.
(7) Your complete contact information, including e-mail and a telephone number where it is acceptable to leave a message about your submission.
(8) Any further correspondence regarding your submission should be sent to <<>>. Please do not inquire about the status of your submission review unless the timeframes for our response (given above) have elapsed.
(9) It should be clear from the above, the Duhuang Photo does NOT accept unsolicited documents, such as historical and contemporary photographs.

Selection Process:
Sixty photo artists/photographers will be chosen, and maximum 200 works will be selected for our exhibition. Shortlisted finalists will be required to send their nominated or selected work for our exhibition. An exhibition of selected finalists’ photos will be on shown in our photo biennale. All works selected for hanging must be available for showing continuously throughout the exhibition. The Songzhuang Photo Biennale reserve the right to exhibit the works selected by the judges for a period of up to three months.

Our selection committee usually convenes two weeks after deadline date. The selection process generally takes another three weeks before the final decisions are made. You will be contacted by e-mail as to the results of those selections.

There will be multiple winners and they will be each awarded with a certificate.

General Conditions:
The Songzhuang Photo Biennale will be responsible for any loss or damage caused to any work while in its custody. Each artist or photographer is responsible for maintaining his or her own insurance.

Thank you for your interest in the Songzhuang International Photo Biennale. If you have any questions about the submission process or want to have the Submission Form sent to you via email, please contact << >>.

― Lee Ritian /Ritian Lee (Art Director of the Songzhuang International Photo Biennale)


1. Is it free submit my works, and free to participate your international art exhibition of the Songzhuang Photo Biennale?
Answer: Yes, it is free to submit and participate. However, there may be other costs that participants need to cover themselves, such as exhibition catalogues,labor fee (labor charge), the printing of their digital work, travel costs to and from the exhibition, etc.

2. What is the minimum and maximum number of images can l submit?
Answer: The minimum number of images is eight, and the maximum number of images is ten.

3. What are the qualifications for artists and photographers who want to participate?
Answer: The Songzhuang Photo Biennale is open to national and international photo artists or photographers, 21 years and older.

4. Will I still retain the copyright of my images?
Answer: Yes. All photo artists/photographers will retain their rights to their works. However, if a project is selected, the artist is required to temporarily transfer his/her rights to the Songzhuang Photo Biennale so that their images may be reproduced for exhibition purposes such as on posters, newspapers, and websites in relation to the exhibition.

5. What constitutes a body of work?
Answer: A body of work consists of more than one image. It should embody and convey a consistent message, idea, concept, theme and/or topic.

6. Can I submit works that were previously published by other exhibition/competitions?
Answer: Yes.

7. Can I submit my images by e-mail?
Answer: Yes, we only accept by e-mail. Please e-mail Your submission package to <<>>.

8. What do you mean by “ International Contemporary Photography”?
Answer: International Contemporary Photography is approached as a fine-art medium within the context of your personal cultural and spiritual background, philosophy, and values, which may be defined as the concept that stimulates the mind of the viewer to interpret the message conveyed through the creative use of line, form and color. This definition specifically includes computer generated/manipulated images, or materials related to photography, your mobile phone’s camera, etc.

9. When will the results of selection be announced?
Answer: The result will be announced between July 15 to August 15, 2017 via e-mail. The results will be updated on our website.

10. If I am not based in China, do I have to be physically present during the exhibition?
Answer: You need not be physically present during the exhibition.

11. Who will be selecting the works?
Answer: There is a special selection committee which usually convenes 3-4 weeks after the deadline. The selection process generally takes another three weeks before the final decisions are made. You will be contacted by e-mail as to the results of those selections.

12. How will my works be presented?
Answer: Please state your preference so that it can be considered. The Songzhuang Photo will be framing the works for exhibition. We will not accept your own frames, as we would provide our own. This is because we are afraid that the frame might be damaged during the process of delivery from your country to China. The frames will be from IKEA store in China and you may browse and choose a frame yourself through their website. You must pay for the frames yourself. If you would like to keep the frame after the exhibition then we would send it to you with the art work still inside the frame. You must pay for the shipping and insurances, we will contact you once we have figured out the price of the shipment. Please visit 

13. Is there specific theme for the submission?
Answer: Yes, the participant must submit only one proposal for a specific theme: ① International Contemporary Photography. 

14. Can I still submit additional works after the deadline?
Answer: No.

15. If my works are not selected, my submission materials (electronic text files and electronic images) will be returned?
Answer: No.

16. Can I combine my submission with another photographer?
Answer: No.

17. Who will cover the costs of the Songzhuang Photo Biennale ?
Answer: The Songzhuang Photo Biennale is sponsored by both domestic and international curators/directors, critics, artists, writers, and poets to carry out the necessary preparatory work in Songzhuang, Beijing.

18. What is labor charges (labor cost) definition?
Answer: The cost of labor is the sum of all wages paid to employees (temporary workers), as well as the cost of employee benefits and payroll taxes paid by an employer. The cost of labor is broken into direct and indirect (overhead) costs.  

For example we need to hire a graphic designer who is able to design website which will be very easy to change images from month to month. It also needs another one to be a very responsive design one exhibition catalogue (the catalogue will feature a luxurious fabric hardcover, high quality paper and full color prints), and more posters for exhibition. There will be a person who picks up your artwork from the post office. Then someone will pick up the frame from IKEA (IKEA store in Beijing, China) and put the artwork in the frame and install it. After the exhibit there will be someone to uninstall the art work and will bring it to the post office. It will then be sent back to you.

 If you would like to keep the frame, we would send it to you with the art work still inside the frame. You must pay for the shipping and we will contact you once we have figured out the price of the shipment.

19. How much should you charge for your services?
Answer: The total labor fee we will charge $280 US dollars for each participator.

20. Is there a travel grant?
Answer: No, but the Songzhuang International Photo Biennale encourages photo artists, photographers to apply for support from their home arts agencies and foundations.

For more information please contact us at << >>


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